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CEO, Strategy and Software

Peter Hunt has over 30 years of experience leading software developments from embedded real time projects to cloud based statistical analysis

Peter will help your team establish the best IoT driven business strategy and software solution.

Before forming Assess-IoT Peter performed roles at leading tech companies ranging from Master Engineer to multiple Director of Engineering roles to VP of Product Development. As CEO of Assess-IoT Peter is leading the Assess-IoT talent pool to provide deep business and technology assessments that enable profitable returns on IoT enabled digital transformations.

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Partner, Business and Technology

Rodney Carew-Jones has a deep understanding of business and technology as a result of his many technology senior leadership roles. This knowledge covers the entire IoT technology stack.

Rodney will work with your leadership team to develop the best path to use IoT to improve your business metrics and develop the best system architecture.

As an ex senior fellow at a major technology company Rodney can also help establish a 3 year strategic plan that blends IoT driven initiatives with existing business models and help you manage the organizational impacts.

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Partner, Systems and change

William E. Greenlee brings an extensive technical and program management expertise gained in many industry sectors. Recently he has been involved in the communication elements of IoT,

Bill will drive your IoT engagement with Assess-IoT, help you manage change and help with the connectivity challenges of an IoT implementation.

Bill’s commercial telecommunications has allowed him to build significant multi-national team experience in harmonizing new product introduction and achieving positive organizational change through continuous process improvement

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Partner, Sales and Customer Advocate

Bill Allen has many years of customer relationship building and technology sales in both hardware and software products. He understands many of the components of IoT.

Bill will steer you through your engagement with Assess-IoT from the initial discussions, developing our IoT proposal through to contractual engagement. During the execution phase he will be your champion to keep us focused on your evolving needs,

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