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Interview with Ted Clark


Ted, tell us about yourself and why you chose to lead Assess-IoT's advisory board?

In my career, I have led a major, multi-billion dollar technology product business through multiple years of hyper-growth as well as successfully led start-up teams into new and emerging markets.  As such, I believe that I have some unique insights that can help companies fulfill their potential - whether taking advantage of new/emerging business opportunities, developing successful product roadmaps and/or creating solid strategies and business plans. For me the most important thing is helping companies focus on their customers by constantly asking questions about the customer experience and ultimately the customer’s success. I remain excited by the Assess-IoT team and their mission and feel that I can continue to help them help their clients.

What strengths do you see in Assess-IoT's approach to partnering with customers?

Assess-IoT is focused on solutions that, first and foremost, deliver superior business results.  They have built a solid "business first" culture and mindset. They bring a wealth of outstanding experience and are expert at developing a comprehensive system design in order to solve complex customer problems.


In observing the Assess-IoT team in action what have you witnessed that gives you confidence that the will consistently deliver the desired results?


Navigating the complexities of today's IoT problems is difficult and presents challenges that are not always easy to identify.  The Assess-IoT team has a rigorous process focus that results in identifying the key critical customer problems early and then they carefully develop multiple solution paths.  It is a very disciplined approach.  However, the team is also creative and self-reflective.  They strive to always improve and are able to provide constructive criticism and conduct internal reviews in order to get to the "best" solution possible.  One customer commented "the Assess-IoT team helped us see around corners that we were not even aware were there".  It's a pleasure working with a team that is focused on going beyond the expected.


Why would a company look to partner with Assess-IoT?

Digital transformation will increasingly drive profitability in the future. As more and more of the world becomes connected all types of transformational change is taking place. Examples include better optimizing a supply chain, bringing about a new service offering, preventing costly overruns or improving customer relationships to name a few. Many of these transformations will be driven by edge-based data capture and reactive analytics along with cloud based trend analysis. Understanding the entire technology stack requires an experienced team, often not available even to today’s IT driven companies. Partnering with Assess-IoT will allow a company, and their existing IT department, to develop the right roadmap with best-in-class designs that can be implemented internally or with Assess-IoT's carefully selected partners.


What type of companies would benefit from an engagement?

Assess-IoT has already engaged with start-up, mid-sized and large companies. Their skill set enables them to support a wide range of company sizes across many industries, in such diverse markets as construction, entertainment and retail sectors for example.


Can Assess-IoT help with developing intellectual property (IP)?

A recent client needed to develop detailed designs to improve a patent and protect critical IP. The Assess-IoT team went to work and developed multiple, interwoven claims that led to a technically sophisticated solution.  They navigated many engineering challenges into an outcome that was deemed advanced, yet feasible, and then worked directly with the client's patent attorney to deliver a compelling, comprehensive patent.


What's next for Assess-IoT?

Over the past 2 years I have seen Assess-IoT mature their operating model and the company’s approach to customer success.  I believe they are well positioned to engage new clients in order to help them harness the broad landscape of IoT, which is becoming increasingly important in a completely interconnected world.

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