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Dr Karl D Schubert Portrait.jpg

Senior Consultant, Impacts and IT/OT Integration

Dr. Karl D. Schubert has a proven track record driving the development of leading edge products into new and existing market areas with an extensive IT background.

Karl will help your team develop the IT / OT integration plan, the best path for IT infrastructure with an emphasis on capabilities needed for IoT analytics.

Karl’s focus recently worked organizational optimization; Change Management, product and technology strategy; and, executive mentoring and coaching. He will help your leadership integrate IoT operations into your business

john busch 1.jpg

Senior Consultant, IoT Engineering

John Busch brings more than 30 years of expertise to many critical IoT engineering areas including mechanical design and analysis, electromechanical packaging, interconnects and cabling, input devices, ergonomics, focus-group testing, environmental and durability testing, welded assemblies, material selection, fabrication processes, and program management.

He has a long history of IP development and innovation.

Mike C.JPG

Senior Consultant, IoT Implementations

Michael Chartier brings deep experience in developing and leading embedded software from his carrier-class networking products, digital video encoders, and avionics systems background.

Mike will help your engineering team develop the sensor, connectivity, edge computing, mobile and cloud visualization specifications.

Most recently, Mike has led an IoT implementation that includes a 9 axis accelerometer, bluetooth and smart phone visualizations.

Craig_Photo_cropped (2).jpg

Senior Consultant Technology Selection

Craig Walrath brings a wealth of experience in driving new technologies into the marketplace. Recently he helped develop an IoT strategy for a large technology corporation.

Craig will help your team select the best hardware and software products to be used to build an IoT solution that meets your business needs.

Craig brings a innovation outlook to solving client’s challenges. Craig served as VP/HP Fellow in the office of CTO at HP where he built a portfolio of 25+ patents. He can drive industry standards, look beyond the current technology horizon and help future proof your IoT programs implementation.

steve suttles image.jpg

Senior Consultant, Business and Product Development

Steve Suttles is a computer and networking technology expert who recently specialized in Edge computing.

Steve will help you establish the right IOT development partnerships needed and will help you to productize the road map.

He has experience in business development, offshore hardware development, product roadmap implementation and deployment. He knows how to engineer solutions for the environmental requirement

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