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Michael Chartier has over 26 years of experience developing embedded software for carrier-class networking products, digital video encoders, and avionics systems.

Michael has extensive experience with solution design, high availability, in-service software upgrade, C/C++, Linux and real time operating systems.  Prior to joining Assess-IoT in 2016 Michael co-founded World Wide Packets where he designed and developed Ethernet products and later served as director of software engineering at Ciena where he led the development of the award winning 8700 PacketWave platform.

Recently, Michael has been the lead software engineer for an IoT data logger that includes a 9 axis accelerometer, mobile data analytics, cloud data storage and visualization applications.

Michael also worked for Divicom where his team won the NAB best-of-show award for the MV400 high definition video encoder. Michael holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota.

Mike Chartier

Senior Consultant

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