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Business Assessments

At Assess-IoT we believe that you must put business first when developing an IoT strategy and executing a well developed plan. This why our team has an extensive business leadership background.

We provide a wide range of business assessments. They are listed here as a guide to help you customize your Assess-IoT engagement.


We will work directly with your LOB teams, IT, BI, Marketing and others to develop an understanding of the current ability of each organization to quickly adapt and adopt IoT driven optimizations or new product and services.

Market Conditions

We will review your current market projects and challenges and develop an independent view of the competitive forces, the real world use of IoT to either overcome the market challenges or lead the market in new product and services. We will recommend the best long term strategy to react to the market

Operational Challenges

With your approval we will interview key stakeholders, including customers and investors, to develop an understanding of the challenges you face in executing your business. This includes the efficiency of the supply chains, the current technology inhibitors and the customer satisfaction of your B2B or B2C customers. We will tie this to an effective IoT strategy

New Product and Services

We will help your team derive new products and services that IoT implementations can enable. This will also include assessing how to improve the current business model(s). Special attention will paid to roadmapping and delivering capabilities over time.

Initial Cost Projections

Using the planned new capabilities we will deep dive into the cost elements of the system. This will include development, license, infrastructure and maintenance costs. The cost will be spread across the phased roadmap.

Business Impacts

Using all of the information gathered from the various assessments we will develop a true ROI for each roadmap phase.

Future Proofing

We will review your current and / or planned implementation to develop an understanding of which standards have been adopting. Using our knowledge of the “winning” evolving standards our team, working with directly your implementation teams we recommend changes or the use of the right standards.

Past IoT Project Adoption

It is often the case that initial IoT projects do not deliver the anticipated results. Our team will work across your organization to develop an understanding of where the project fell short of its goal. We will provide recommendations on the organizational or operational changes that will make any future projects successful.

Past IoT project ROI

We will focus this assessment on studying the criteria that drove the original ROI expectations, look closely at the what actually unfolded with cost and new revenue or margin improvements to recommend changes in the development of future IoT related ROI components that will enable solid business decisions.

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