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Peter D. Hunt, CEO

Peter Hunt has over 30 years of experience leading software developments from embedded real time projects to cloud based statistical analysis

He will help your team establish the best IoT driven business strategy and software solution.

Before forming Assess-IoT Peter performed roles at leading tech companies ranging from Master Engineer to multiple Director of Engineering roles to VP of Product Development. As CEO of Assess-IoT Peter is leading the Assess-IoT talent pool to provide deep business and technology assessments that enable profitable returns on IoT enabled digital transformations.

Peter has performed leadership roles at Loral, Fujitsu. Compaq, Motion Computing and HP. He has transformed operations, grown teams, driven P&L, secured multiple patents and has real development experience in many multi-year software projects and has delivered innovative products. He is used to interfacing with executive staff and can form. translate and delivered complex technology visions.

IoT Knowledge Areas: Sensor Technology, Real Time embedded software / firmware, networking, wireless, mobile devices, client computers, data gathering, data warehousing, big data processing, cloud computing, analytics, statistical analysis, alerting engines, server and multi node architectures, dashboards, workflows, modern languages, operating systems and agile development.

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