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Why choose Assess-IoT?

The next wave of technology is coming fast and at the crest of this wave is the Internet of Things (IoT).

Unlike previous waves this one embraces the full gamut of technology, from mechanical, electrical, device and network protocols, advanced software algorithms, new data models and advanced cloud computing. It shifts intelligence from traditional servers to non traditional computing platforms and moves computing to the edge of the network.

These advances bring new capabilities for businesses to adapt their models to take advantage of this distributed intelligence to gain a competitive lead across many industrial sectors. Mid range companies cannot rely on traditional IT departments and business intelligence centers to make the right investment decisions in infrastructural and algorithms. They need a center of excellence populated with very senior technical and business leaders to make a fully independent assessment that allows that business to stride confidently into engaging IoT to transform their business.

Assess-IoT brings a wealth of these senior distinguished technologists and executive business leaders to your company. These seasoned professionals are meshed together as an outstanding team that have developed a methodology that yields technology platform selection recommendations, full ROI assessments, business improvements, organizational improvements as well as internal and customer engagement improvements.

Your company can quickly be positioned with a competition beating road-map that will propel it into the IoT age.

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